Worth a Haven Foundation

In 2011, during the ongoing war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Masika Calvin started Hopeworth Children’s Foundation. Little did she know about how her efforts would develop and extend to influence the lives of more and more people. In 2019 Masika decided to take the step to the next level and establish Worth a Haven Foundation Limited. Through this new organisation she is able to reach more people and improve more lives.

How we are helping the children

The organization was started to act as voice to voiceless after recognizing the suffering of orphans in communities. Furthermore we have tried to provide food to orphans by buying food and we have introduced system of hiring land cultivation in order for orphans to produce their own food. Lack of accommodation has meant that I have rented a house to were I have managed to bring all orphans together and provided them with accomadotion and food in one place. The children need clothes and I have been using half of my salary and conations from volunteers outside Uganda to buy clothes and food for the children.

We are constructing a new home

At the moment we are constructing a new home to our children, so they will be safe when the leasing period expires on the present building. The new Orphanage is located 10 minutes from Kasese town. The new orphanage will be bigger, waterproof, and will be constructed with a kitchen, a deposit room, a toilet and a study room for the kids to do their homework, draw or anything else that takes silence and concentration. We really hope to finish the new building soon, so the children can move into their new home and hopefully have a great time there. We still need help with constructing the new orphanage, so if you are thinking about coming to Kasese we would appreciate even the smallest contribution.

HOPEWORTH CHILDREN FOUNDATION is supported exclusively by private donations. By supporting Hopeworth Children Foundation with a solidarity donation, you will allow us to give still many smiles, a home, food and education to our children. It is possible to support Hopeworth Children Foundation by international bank transfer directly to our bank account



Bank: ABSA Uganda Limited

Account n.: 6005744049

Swift code: BARCUGKX