Worth A Heaven Foundation was founded in 2011 and was registered in 2018 with the Kasese Municipality as a community-based organization for nonprofits. In 2021, the foundation got registered at the national level as an NGO. Worth A Haven Foundation was founded by Masika Calvin, Calvin realized a very big need that is faced by vulnerable young people in her community, the challenge that is affiliated with the wars in Congo and family breakdown in Uganda. Calvin, show these children that were not accessing any education, were homeless, were not accessing the needed parental love and care, they were hungry, abused, and exploited, and their future was crashed. Calvin created a safe space for these children by renting a two-roomed house and paying their school fees in the nearby schools and working towards restoring their hope by meeting their basic needs 100%. In the process, Calvin found like-minded people and they joined hands, bought land, and constructed home and it was named Worth a Haven Children’s Home. The number of children that needed help was increasing, and we started implementing agriculture projects, handcraft, and piggery for livelihood improvement. Currently, we are able to reach more people and improve more lives, with the establishment of Worth A Haven Nursery and Primary School, many more children will access high-quality education, learn life skills, and be positioned to thrive.


We envisage a nation that invests in its children and youth and in which every child and youth grows up free from hunger, abuse, violence, and exploitation. 


We are on a mission to support, promote and strengthen affordable and sustainable community-based self-help initiatives tailored to improving human life, and eliminating suffering and ignorance.


We believe in equal chances for all. We have seen what happens when forgotten children and women are given the means to make a change when those who were left behind are pushed to walk upfront. Therefore, we know that each individual counts. The present-day world follows the rules of the survival of the fittest which does not always make life a pretty thing. We believe in children and women, who inherit the capacity to change this world for the better if supported the right way.

We believe education is the key to empowerment. Know-how and new practices in the field of agriculture and the development of young people can improve chances of not only survival but create engineers which could grow up being the leaders this country needs. The time has come to put an end to the continuous creation of lost generations in Uganda. Children and the women who raise them need to finally get the opportunity to realize their potential and start to transform this country. This can be done through talent scouting and skill development.


HOPEWORTH CHILDREN FOUNDATION is supported exclusively by private donations. By supporting Hopeworth Children Foundation with a solidarity donation, you will allow us to give still many smiles, a home, food and education to our children. It is possible to support Hopeworth Children Foundation by international bank transfer directly to our bank account



Bank: ABSA Uganda Limited

Account n.: 6005744049

Swift code: BARCUGKX