Worth a Haven Junior School is a school owned by the worth A Haven Foundation

The school project

It is located in Kirembe cell , Kasese District and consists of seven classrooms: three for kindergarten and four for primary, plus toilets and kitchen.

The Construction of the first 3 classrooms began in March 2020 thanks to a donation from a Dutch charity called "The Next Smile".

In 2021,there was the construction of another 4 classrooms at the school.

In December 2021, we raised to the completion of the school.

We have in fact:

Made two buildings that house the teachers 'and students' bathrooms.

Realized a building that houses the kitchen and pantry.

The paving of some classrooms has been completed.

Completed the laying of the internal and external plaster of some classrooms.

Painted the inside and outside of all the classrooms.

Purchased over 150 desks, chairs and chairs for teachers.

Made and given to little students 200 school uniforms.

It was thus possible to open the school for the new school year and, after a good 𝟲𝟲𝟮 days, on 10 January 2022 our children were finally back behind the desks after the very long closure due to Covid-19.

The school is attended by the children those from the nearby village of Kirembe and is located on a large piece of land purchased by the Worth A Haven Foundation thanks to a loan from a local credit institution.

Worth a Haven Junior School will thrive and provide a vital service to a poor and disadvantaged community like Kirembe and wasiiwanaba and entire kasese community as Vulnerable children will be able to enjoy revolutionary education, even if their parents do not have the necessary means. Currently it consists of more than 199 pupils who have been enlisted within the school and they have a 3 square meal a day and their family members have also been employed within the school by giving them job opportunities such as cleaners , teachers , watch men and cooks.

WorthAHavenJuniorSchool has a limited number of more than 10 teachers who work endlessly to make sure these pupils are the best at education within the region . They teach ranging from nursery to primary 4 level according to the current curriculum syllabus and provide a better education to the kids to become key points within the community . This school is a space where talent can be developed, skills can be trained and the potential of each child can be expressed

The dream is to construct more other classrooms for classes primary 5,6 and 7 so that all children can attend WorthAHavenJuniorSchool. We hope to add more classrooms, staffroom , library and administration block in the nearest future. The schools mission is to teach vulnerable children in the community at a free cost and the rest of the children from middle state families can pay liitle money for other expenses.

HOPEWORTH CHILDREN FOUNDATION is supported exclusively by private donations. By supporting Hopeworth Children Foundation with a solidarity donation, you will allow us to give still many smiles, a home, food and education to our children. It is possible to support Hopeworth Children Foundation by international bank transfer directly to our bank account



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