The main objective is to drill water and pump it from the underground using a solar power system, supply water to the community, constructing community water reserve tanks, and install an irrigation system at our children's home gardens.

Water project

The project will help the 1500 households and at our children education center and also at the WorthAHavenJuniorSchool,home to access sustainable and affordable safe water. Our children?s home will be able to produce vegetables with support of the irrigation throughout that year, this will feed our children and sell the surplus to the communities for sustainability of our education home essential programs. This project has been a strong hold for the community and the school during difficult times like the dry seasons where we have been having water at our disposal and have saved so many lives of both people and animals (livestock) who have complete access to this endless supply of the water.

Currently we also have 2 water harvesting tanks at the WorthAHavenJuniorSchool for collecting water during the rainy season or the tanks can still be filled using water from the water project though with extra costs.

The Tailoring and Fashions Bags project. During the school holidays and during the lockdown, the children learned how to make colorful PVC bags by hand through training from well trained personnel at making bags. We used these bags as storage bags for carrying foodstuffs, school materials. This bag making project was a self sustainable business since we sold some bags and we collected some money from them and with this money we could buy food, firewood to run both the school and the children education center.

We also had a program still running out put in place for vulnerable and helpless women to learn and be trained about tailoring. In this program they are provided with the materials for tailoring and they can also sell out the tailored work out to get money for sustaining their families. We are helping more than 15 families within the community with this program to improve their skilling techniques.

HOPEWORTH CHILDREN FOUNDATION is supported exclusively by private donations. By supporting Hopeworth Children Foundation with a solidarity donation, you will allow us to give still many smiles, a home, food and education to our children. It is possible to support Hopeworth Children Foundation by international bank transfer directly to our bank account



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